"About Us" Story

Here’s a pop quiz for you:

What do a Graphics Artist, an IT Whiz and a veteran English language teacher, former journalist and magazine publisher have in common?

Answer: They all had a gem of an idea.

Yep…and that’s the genesis of Book Cover Gem – a company solely dedicated to creating book covers of awesome proportions!

Hi there! My name is David, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to our website – a place where self publishers, indie authors and small-scale publishing houses can get all the help they need to design book covers for any of their projects.

What I’m about to share with you is an amazing story about a chance meeting of the minds, and how passion and vision can transform a gem of an idea into reality. And even though this story may seem like it’s about us; it really is about YOU, our valued clients, prospective customers and visitors to this site, whom we strive to serve each day.

Under Cover

What started as a chance meeting of three individuals at a book publication event several years ago, has culminated into a professional bond based on a passion for creativity and excellence of service. I’ve had a passion for graphics and designing publications for over a decade now, and was at a publication event a couple of years ago, trying to “discretely” check out what the competitive landscape looked like.

Of course, I was not the only one “under cover” - unbeknown to me, Daria and Mark were there for the same purpose. Daria, who has been in the publishing business for longer than she cared to remember, and Mark, who is a genius with every publication and graphics software ever invented! - were both also networking and “scoping the field”, hoping to gain some insight into what’s new and developing in the book publication industry.

At a coffee and networking event later that morning, the three of us discovered that we all had one thing in common: We all had a passion for books, and all of us loved the idea of helping authors and independent publishers create stunning pieces of art!

Covering the bases

That single seed planted a thought, which turned out to be a gem of an idea for launching a joint initiative to design book covers, and ultimately lead to the creation of Book Cover Gem.

Over several months, we stayed in touch, and each of us independently came to the conclusion that, if we pooled our talents and contacts, we could do more good for our clients and constituents than we could on our own.

We realized that what independent writers and small presses desperately needed – vision, creativity, expertise, passion, sincerity, customer focus – we had in spades! Instead of just serving our clients half a pie, we could cover all the bases and provide them with a complete solution – from visualizing a concept for their cover design, to building a proof, to finalizing the idea and bringing it to life.

With decades of experience in the publication industry amongst us, we also understood the need for specialization. Sure, with the skills we possessed between the three of us, and those that we leveraged from other specialists with whom we’ve worked over the decades, we could offer much more to our clients – from typesetting help, to proof reading, to illustrations, formatting and editorial support. But we made a strategic decision:

Instead of generally covering all those bases, we elected to focus exclusively on book covers.

A cautious start

Like any marriage, ours too faced its trials and tribulations. Initially, while I came up with a graphical idea, Daria would give some thought to the same set of challenges and came up with something totally different. Listening to the two of us spar over which one of our ideas would prevail led Mark to once quip:

“I feel like an abandoned child unloved by mom and dad!”

Our “disagreements” were always professional. Best of all, each of us always challenged the others – not because of personal motives, but because we believed our vision best suited our clients. In hind sight, we discovered that even in divergence of thought, we had similarities:

The singular purpose of serving the client’s best interest!

Of course, over the many months that we all worked closely together, we developed a healthy respect for each other’s strengths and expertise for making a book cover that really stands out. I’m always amazed at Daria’s excruciating attention to detail, and both Daria and I are constantly blown away by Mark’s abilities to almost command his software tools to do his biddings at will – simply on a whim or a whisper!

The initial year was challenging for us, but after passing through the norming, storming and forming phase of our team, we quickly started performing. Together, we’ve produced book covers that have even amazed and astonished the writers from whom we work. We’ve built astonishing covers from instructions as skimpy as:

“Here’s an extract of my book. I need a cover to go with it!”

To detailed instructions such as:

“I’m attaching a 20-page document with my idea of what I’m looking for…I would appreciate if you would send me a mock up of the cover by tomorrow!”

Today, as we look back at how much we’ve achieved as a team, and how far we’ve come as a company, it even amazes me! Most of our in-house meetings don’t include shouting matches any more. And we are definitely doing things right, because Mark doesn’t complain about being “unloved” any longer. But maybe that’s because “mom and dad” are always getting him new toys and gifts – the latest pieces of publication software and tools!

What we do

I’ll add an intro about what book cover design entails (listening to writers and publishers, interpreting their thoughts into a concept, coming up with an idea based on the concept, etc. etc.)

Will highlight the fact that while books tell a story about a plot or situation, book covers must tell the story about the book itself – and that’s what we do!

I’ll talk about some specific things here, like:

Our approach to helping our clients is really simple: We listen! We have years of experience lending our ears to our clients – and that’s what differentiates us from many of our peers.

Here at Book Cover Gem, we understand that: No one knows more that you about what the final cover should look like. It is your vision that drives everything we do for you. However, we also believe in our own talents and capabilities. In some respect, we believe that: No one knows more than us about book cover design, and how to make books come alive through their covers.

Our ability to listen to what you really want, and then come up with a concept that brings your vision to life, is why clients like you come to us in the first place. And when Mark gets going with the latest versions of various tools that we use here, including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, he is unstoppable. By the time he is done, your vision and our concepts are brought to life in amazing book covers for our clients.

So, if you are looking for a team of book cover designers with experience, talent and foresight to help push your book sales higher – guess what? You’ve come to the right place!