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Did you know: Most book readers and prospective book buyers are sold on the books they ultimately buy, long before they actually buy them! How’s that, you ask?

When it comes to making book lovers fall in love with books, there’s a bit of human psychology at work there. When the human eye sees something pleasing – like a well designed, perfectly laid out book cover – the brain immediately perceives it as “desirable”. It’s the same chemical reaction that causes two people to fall in love.

With a professionally designed book cover, you can make book lovers instantly fall in love with your book. However, if you don’t “close the deal” in less than 10 seconds, your prospective buyer could fall prey to another book with a more beautifully designed cover.

It’s really that simple!

So let us help you get your audience to open up their hearts – and wallets – to your books. Choose from packages on offer below:


We’ve made the ordering process really simple:

1. Place your order: To get started, choose the appropriate package from above, whether it is for a front cover, or whether it is for front and back covers. For your convenience, we accept payments through Debit Cards, Credit Cards and even through PayPal.

2. Tell us what you need: Provide us with the Title and subtitle (if applicable), the author’s name, and a brief note on what the book is about. If you have some specific ideas about your covers, feel free to share them with us.

3. Share your thoughts: Don’t forget to include any pictures or art work you want us to use. And if you have samples or examples that would be great too…send them to us for inspiration!

4. Wait for a proof: We’ll email you a proof of the cover once we’re done – usually in 3 to 4 days.

5. Ask for unlimited changes: Don’t like something in the proof? We’re happy to revise our designs as many times as it takes. That’s our guarantee!

6. Use your cover: Once finalized, the .jpg or PDF’s are yours. Do with them what you like. All we ask is permission for a thumbnail version to be displayed on our online profile

So why not get started? It’s really that simple – trust us!